Amazon Prime Members Can Get 8 Free Games In December

Amazon has announced the next wave of freebies for Amazon Prime members, and there are a total of eight titles up for grabs in December. Prime Gaming’s December 2022 lineup of freebies include some very good games, including Brothers: A Tale of two Sons, Quake, and Banners of Ruin.

The others include Rose Riddle 2: Werewolf Shadow, The Amazing American Circus, Spinch, Desert Child, and Doors: Paradox. As usual, subscribers are also getting in-game content bonuses in December, including more loot for Apex Legends, Dead by Daylight, GTA Online, Fall Guys, and League of Legends.

One of the most notable freebies is Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Released in 2013, the co-op game from the mind of Josef Fares has players controlling two brothers with one controller. It tells an emotional story with a number of twists and turns and tear-jerking moments. Fares followed up the game with A Way Out and It Takes Two.

Willow Review – You ARE Great

Back in 1988, Ron Howard directed a fantasy movie written by George Lucas and Bob Dolman that followed a character named Willow Ufgood (Warwick Davis), who becomes the caretaker of a child he finds. That child happens to be a chosen one foretold to take down evil Queen Bavmorda. Ultimately, Bavmorda was banished, and while the movie didn’t make box office records when it was released, it’s still a beloved movie by many people. And now, a sequel series has arrived on Disney+. However, 1988 and 2022 are two entirely different eras of filmmaking, can Willow live up to those who view ’80s through rose-colored glasses? Surprisingly, yes.

The new Disney+ series once again follows Willow as he’s recruited by a group to go on a rescue mission, and very quickly, we find that there’s a connection to the first film driving a lot of this story, and of course, the forces of evil that are standing in these heroes’ way. It’s an adventure that really kicks things off from the first couple of episodes, so the details of this group traveling, and who they are, all become a little bit of a spoiler for the season as a whole.

Free PlayStation Plus PS5 And PS4 Games For December 2022 Confirmed

December 2022’s free PlayStation Plus games lineup has been confirmed following a leak, and members are in for some big-name titles coming up soon, including one brand-new release.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Biomutant, and Divine Knockout will be free for PS5 and PS4 subscribers to PlayStation Plus in December. These titles will be made available for free December 6, 2022-January 3, 2023.

As usual, all PlayStation Plus subscribers, regardless of tier, can grab December’s games at no extra cost. While fans wait for catalog to update in December, they can grab November’s freebies, which include Nioh 2, Lego Harry Potter Collection, and Heavenly Bodies.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition includes updated versions of the original three Mass Effect games, while Biomutant is developer Experiment 101’s post-apocalyptic action game starring a mammal warrior. Divine Knockout, meanwhile, is a third-person fighting game featuring evolving battlefields and multiple game modes. It launches on December 6 directly into PlayStation Plus.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Review – XCOM Superhero Squad

Marvel’s Midnight Suns‘ story draws clear inspirations from the original Rise of the Midnight Sons comic book series from the 1990s in which Blade, Morbius, and Ghost Rider–among others–unite to fight against a recently resurrected Lilith and her army of demons. Developer Firaxis Games’ title, however, incorporates more faces from the current Midnight Suns series, such as Wolverine, Magik, and Nico Minoru. In making these changes, it distances itself from the source material’s idea that to defeat a monster, you need a team of monsters. Instead, it is a story about the power of friendship between a bunch of misfits, which is forged and strengthed through battle as much as traditional social scenarios. Midnight Suns aims to combine relationship-building with memorable role-playing moments, and the result is a stellar turn-based tactical combat title driven by interesting characters.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns begins with the Avengers in a tough spot–the prophesied return of an eldritch god is on the horizon, having been brought about by Lilith, who now leads an army of HYDRA soldiers and demonic children in a war against humanity. The Avengers aren’t adequately prepared to tackle such a supernatural threat, so they turn to Doctor Strange and his newest apprentice, Scarlet Witch, for aid. After their first attempt at fighting Lilith goes sideways, Strange introduces the world’s mightiest heroes to the contingency plan: the Midnight Suns, a group of young heroes who each wield magical, supernatural, or demonic powers.